Tuesday 22 March 2011

Today was the first day of my last week at Wessex Film and Sound Archive(WFSA) before I move on to pastures new (more of that in a later post once I start the new job!).  My post at WFSA was only a six month post and I'll be leaving it four weeks early but having completed all the work I was scheduled to do, in addition to all the extra work me and Zoe Viney have done on promoting and project and the Archive.

What have I learned?

  • Cataloguing films isn't different from cataloguing paper documents in terms of the description of the material i.e. keep it descriptive, don't use words the general public couldn't understand (unless you also provide a glossary), include as much contextual information as possible given time and availability of information constraints, include all the ISAD(G) elements
  • Knowledge of the variety of film and audio formats and knowledge of how to identify and differentiate between them
  • I've learned more of the quirks and functions of CALM as I've continued using that at WFSA
  • The wonders of Excel! - it is fantastic for keeping and managing timetables and deadlines. I can now use an Excel spreadsheet, and create one, with a lot more confidence - thanks Zoe!
  • I have been working on a Mac so have greatly increased my knowledge of using that, including simple things like learning how to take screenshots
  • I've installed and used DROID - Digital Record Object IDentification
  • I've learned how to edit film clips using Quicktime
  • Experience of using an 8mm projector
  • Plenty of experience now of using a Steenbeck - which I love!
  • Splicing film, adding leader tape
  • An awareness of the various ways and places in which archive film can be utilised, such as the Little Black Dress exhibition in Portsmouth
  • More experience of carrying out research - into film locations and film makers.
  • I now have knowledge of Hampshire, Dorset, Isle of Wight - and lots of places which I would now like to visit in person, as opposed to just seeing on film
  • Increased experience of the ways in which Twitter and Flickr can be used by Archives to promote specific projects and Archives in general.

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