Sunday 20 January 2013

New Year resolutions 2013

A very belated Happy New Year to everyone! I have been putting off addressing last year's New Year resolutions as I was so sure I hadn't done very well in fulfilling them.  However looking at them now I've done a bit better than I thought.
  1. Organise my time better, at home and at work - this was really far to vague to have as a resolution.  I've realised I don't have a problem organising my time at work.  The problem is at home -caused by the big box in the corner of the room, the time-eater AKA the TV.  This year I resolve to spend less time watching television and more time doing things - sewing, working on the Registration scheme (see next point), and working on the Lindsay Anderson Memorial Foundation website (relaunch happening soon I hope!).
  2. Sign up for the Archives and Records Association Registration Scheme - Hmmn well to say I haven't done well with this would be an understatement. I started off well and organising a London meet-up of folk on the Registration Scheme.  This went really well but somehow time moved on and I still never got round to starting any of the learning outcomes.  So this year I hope to get started on it.
  3. Get back to reading more non-fiction - Success! I've read a lot more non-fiction - usually autobiographies and biographies but also reportage and women's history. 
  4. Try and visit a new-to-me Cinema/film screening venue once a month - I didn't manage this every month but I have been to a load of new cinemas this year - highlights in London being the Prince Charles Cinema, Pipilotti Rist at the Hayward Gallery, and most recently a visit to the Genesis Cinema.  Outside of London I paid my first visit to the Baker Street cinema in Abergavenny - to see Madagascar 3 with my nieces, a fun experience!
  5. Keep a record of all the films I watch and books I read - Fail! Maybe this year. I did sign back into my Library thing account as I thought this might be an easy way of keeping track of books I read.
  6. Buy less clothes/get back to learning to sew- Success! I'm enjoying learning to sew again and have definitely bought far less clothes. I do post occasional updates on my sewing blog but I'm not very good at taking photos of my creations yet.
  7. Introduce the idea of Analog Sunday's as I saw it on a blog I recently found 'Someday. by Avalonne Hall' Try and have at least 2 a month - I've done this a few times and I do enjoy breaks from using my laptop but I'm not going to stress if I don't manage it all that often.

So this year I'm not going to make any new resolutions, instead I'm going to try harder at number 2, 5 and 6 on my list from last year.  Once I get started on the Archives and Records Association Registration Scheme I'll post some updates here. 

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