Tuesday 30 November 2010

Happy St Andrew's Day!

Today is St. Andrew's Day and although I am no longer living in Scotland, indeed perhaps because of it, St. Andrew's Day has made me remember all the things I love about my home country.  The mountains, the forests, Glasgow, Fife fishing villages, Skye, the history, the arts and culture, and of course family and friends.

I liked this wee animation on Scotland.org which gives a brief history of the story of St Andrew.

I just posted a photo on my work Twitter as well - via our Twitpic.  Zoe, the other film cataloguer I work with, set up the Twitter and we both use it to post stills from the films we're cataloguing.  It's useful if we're stuck on identifying a place or building as we can post an image and get help from other people!
The photo I've posted, of the Forth Rail Bridge, is somewhere I'll be seeing soon as we're off back up to Fife at Christmas time.

I'm in the process of writing a longer post about my new job - which I'm really enjoying! - but the dark nights are holding me back as I struggle to get the laptop out and do any work when I get home!  I'll get it finished and posted soon though.

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