Saturday 11 September 2010

A Lucky Find

I'm just back from a week's holiday in Crete where we had a lovely time enjoying the beautiful scenery and lovely hot weather, eating tasty local food (including lots of fresh fish), and basically relaxing after the recent hectic time of the end of my post at Stirling University and celebrating my husband's new job and our imminent move to London - yay!

So on our return from Crete we're spending a few days in London exploring some of the areas we're thinking we might move to.    Yesterday we were in Stoke Newington first which we both really liked but which is maybe not going to be feasible re commuting.  Anyway we had fun exploring and of course doing a wee bit of shopping.  On our wander we came across a lovely shop on Church Street which drew me in with the lovely array of vintage tea pots I could see through the window.  They also had a great selection of prints, including reproductions of Cuban film posters.  I wasn't planning to buy anything but when I came across this poster for Lindsay Anderson's O Lucky Man! (1973) I just had to buy it!  The artist is Antonio Fernandez Reboiro and the poster is from 1977.  I didn't want to take the poster out it's plastic until I get home so apologies for the poor quality of the image but the quality of the art work shines through I think. 

I don't know much about Cuban movie posters but found a few interesting blogs that will start me off on a bit more reading when I get back to Glasgow - for now we're off to Borough Market for some tasty food!

Here are the blogs I came across:

Tales of a Cinesthete

Cuban Posters


  1. Ahhh Crete is excellent, spent a week there and a day trip to Athens - wonderful!!

    Extra hurrah that you are coming to London! I hope you find somewhere you like soon.


  2. Hey brilliant - the job, the poster, the new life. Just a note from the old one, though. Karl discovered that this Thursday 16th at 10:15 Timeshift on BBC4 features 1960 with the special interest for Lindsay Anderson groupies that Shelagh Delaney took a film crew round her home town. Can't wait to hear pre-echoes of The White Bus Warmest greetings John and Karl

  3. Thanks for the tip for Thursday - I'll make sure I see it. I checked and it's on Tuesday night at 9pm as well. See you all soon!