Friday 20 August 2010

Exhibition from the Lindsay Anderson Archive will open newly refurbished Stirling University Library and Archive

It's all go here with the last few weeks before the newly refurbished library and archive opens at Stirling University.  On entering the new library one of the first things that people will see will be all the wonderful photographs from the Lindsay Anderson Archive Exhibition.  We had a run through last week of marking out where everything would be hung and you can see our work in the images below.  This week is the setting up of the exhibition so it will all be ready for the opening of the new Library and Archive on 30 August - which is spookily enough, also the anniversary of Lindsay Anderson's death. I'll post some more photos on Monday of the exhibition all up on the walls.  It was a really good idea to lay it all out like this though as it gave us an idea of the amount of space we had, the spacing to leave between photographs and the overall impact of the images - pretty striking I think (obviously looking a whole lot better on the walls than they do laid out on the carpet!). 

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  1. They do look striking. I particularly like the Sequence covers.. thanks for giving us a sneek peek into the refurbished library for those of us who are far, far away.