Monday 2 November 2009

Just launched - Stirling University Archives Flickr page

Lindsay Anderson, seated in front of part of his large collection of VHS tapes
© Lindsay Anderson Collection, University of Stirling Archives

Along with Karl Magee, the University Archivist, we have started a Flickr site for Stirling University Archives. This meant I got to spend some very enjoyable time scanning the pages of photo albums that are part of the Lindsay Anderson Collection here at Stirling.

We decided to take a Flickr pro account as it meant we could organise the photos in 'Collections' and 'Sets'. There are two Collections - the University Archives and The Lindsay Anderson Collection'. Within each of the Collections there are Sets. In the University Archives we have a set for the 40th anniversary exhibition of the University of Stirling, a set for student prospectuses and one for student handbooks. In the Lindsay Anderson Collection, in addition to the individual photo albums, there is also a set of photographs which give a general introduction to the Lindsay Anderson Collection. We will continue to add to these collections and sets. Once the CALM catalogue I'm creating for the Lindsay Anderson Collection is online then the plan is to link each photo directly to its catalogue entry.

Photograph featured in University of Stirling 40th anniversary exhibition.
The newly-opened Pathfoot Building, c1968 © University of Stirling Archives

The photo albums I've scanned are all part of the series of LA/6/2 - Photographs, in the Lindsay Anderson Collection. The albums on Flickr all date from the late 1940s through the 1950s and cover topics such as: the filming of O Dreamland; the filming of Wakefield Express; visit to Cannes International Film Festival 1949; the making of Thorold Dickinson's film Secret People (1952); the making of James Broughton's film The Pleasure Garden (1952) (which Lindsay Anderson starred in); visit to France; and a visit to Moscow in 1957 with the Royal Court Theatre (the front page of this album is pictured below).

Cover of photo album, LA/6/2/1/8
© Lindsay Anderson Collection, University of Stirling Archives

We've started putting some names to the faces and places in the photographs but we thought it would be better to put them all up and then leave it open to other people to help us identify people and places. So far we've had some invaluable help so if anyone else wants to help, or indeed just leave any comments, then that would be very welcome!

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