Tuesday 7 July 2009

Interview for The Big Picture magazine

I recently did an interview about the Lindsay Anderson Archive for The Big Picture magazine with Jez Conolly and it is now up on their website - my first interview!

The Big Picture is a new, free film magazine (and website) that 'offers an intelligent take on cinema, focussing on how film affects our lives. Aimed at the enthusiastic film-goer at large, The Big Picture provides an original take on the cinematic experience. Drawing from cinema's fundamental visual power, The Big Picture turns traditional magazine publishing on its head, allowing the powerful filmic images to do the talking rather than masses of text. The Big Picture can be picked up for free from major independent cinemas nationwide.'

Here's the front page extract and link to the complete article:

O Dreamland: inside the Lindsay Anderson Archive

Kathryn Mackenzie is a member of the research team based at the University of Stirling currently working with the Lindsay Anderson Archive, a large collection of the filmmaker's personal and working papers, photographs and memorabilia. Jez Conolly asked Kathryn to shed some light on the man and his legacy as she sees it through her contact with the archival materials.


  1. Congratulations! The interview is very informative and clearly you know your stuff.

  2. Great interview Kathryn! It just shows how an archive can reveal otherwise unseen aspects of a person's character.