Wednesday 20 May 2009

Akira Kurosawa in the Lindsay Anderson Collection

Letter from Akira Kurosawa to Lindsay Anderson, 16/06/1969

© Lindsay Anderson Collection

I'm currently reading, and enjoying, Akira Kurosawa's Something like an Autobiography so I thought I would post an image from the Lindsay Anderson Collection of a letter he received from Kurosawa in 1969. The letter was sent to congratulate Anderson on winning the Grand Prix at Cannes for If.... in 1968.

I've only recently started Something like an Autobiography, and, as it's a book from the Anderson Collection, I'm only getting to read it on the lunch breaks when I'm not out running (which, given the amount of rain we've had recently, is most lunch breaks!). The book is part of Anderson's own book collection and it's so nice to know the history of the book, and imagine Anderson reading it when he owned it. What I've read so far of the book is really interesting, not just because it's about a great film director, but as a snapshot of life in Japan in the early 20th century (Kurosawa was growing up 1912 - 1926).

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  1. I wrote a review of If... on my blog if you'd find that interesting. I appreciate your comments about Oh Lucky Man!.

    I've been meaning to read Anderson's published diaries though I'm sure you've got access to more of them. And as for the Wham! film, I have to say that though I appreciate the director's taste in almost every facet, I sometimes think his taste in pop/rock was deplorable. I'm not a fan of Alan Parsons, for one.